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It is our continued reliability, integrity and honesty that make Hansel Plumbing & Heating who we are today. Whether it's a running toilet, a drippy faucet, a pesky leaking pipe, upgrading your plumbing fixtures or a complete kitchen remodel Hansel Plumbing & Heating is here for you. But, don't just take our word for it...here are a few thoughts from our customers.

"Thanks for prompt and thorough work. You are an excellent diagnostician - you must be a plumbing doctor!" - Jackie H.
"Thanks for getting there so soon. It helps a great deal when selling the house." - Matt S.
"I just wanted to Thank You for your quick and professional service while my husband was deployed to Iraq." - Karen A.
"Thanks for responding so quick! I referred you to a friend." - Karen A.
"Thank you so very much for coming to help me out on such short notice." - Janet W.
"Thank You. You're a lifesaver!" - Chandra N.
"Thank you so much for being so prompt when our Boiler went out." - Art & Tonya R.
"Thank you for doing the plumbing on our bathroom. You did an excellent job! We really appreciate it! God bless you, your family and your business." - Angie A.
"Thanks for fixing everything for us. Our water tastes better now that the filter is off." - Don M.
"Thanks so much for helping us and coming out right away." - Richard Y.
"I really appreciate the good job you did." - Florence F.
"Thanks for fixing the pipes from the sink. You do good and neat work." - Dan M.
"Thanks for all of your help - we really appreciate it!" - Tim S.
"Thanks for the quick service and good job on the water leaks. My mind keeps thinking I can still fix everything around here, but my body says no. So, you may expect me to call again if and when the need arises. Thanks again!" - Marvin K.
"Thank you for your prompt attention!" - Doug K.
"Thanks for your great service when we were gone." - Shelley K.
"I am thankful for so many things in my life. When I finish doing dishes and as I watch my sinks drain, I think of you. I am thankful for you fixing it for me." - Donna W.
"Good job! I'm very happy with the results."
"Thank you so much for taking care of the wet carpets that you took out of the basement. I appreciated it very much." - Martha
"Thanks for kick-starting the water heater at my home. I really appreciate it." - Stephen A.
"Thanks for the prompt help! I appreciate it so much!" - Nancy K.
"Thanks. We appreciated all your help on this remodel project." - Lee G.